Tuesday, 7 April 2020


...in this world of trouble, music sees me through...
...dbparker presents...
favorites old and new, with the usual mashups, skits and remixes, 
and, as always, but especially nowadays, a sense of humor is absolutely essential...
...with guest speakers Bill Hicks, Clif High, Jane Burgermeister, Alex Jones, le Reverend, and many more, vive la revelations...
John Miles - Music (edit)
Bill Hicks - Fear/Love
Gogo Penguin - Prayer
Coldcut - Every Home's a Prison (dbdub)
Funkadelic vs Childish Gambino - Think! it ain't Amerika yet!
Gil Scott-Heron - Work for Peace
Leevil - Pisstakers
Father John Misty - ...before the Revolution (Haxan Cloak remix)
The Quagaars vs Soundgarden - Black Hole Apocalypse
The Beatles vs Massive Attack - Golden Teardrops
Portishead vs Blondie vs Kanye West - Sour Glass
Stevie Wonder vs Royksopp - Superstitiously Triumphant
Phil Lynott and Julie Covington - Spirit of Man (KCW remix)
John Grant - JC Hates Faggots
Michael Franti and Spearhead - Stay Human
Vert-X - Eye No Now (dbdub)
Primal Scream - City
Julian Cope - Greedhead Detector
Patrice Rushen - Let There be Funk (reflex revision)
Funkadelic - Funky Dollar Bill
Blue Oyster Cult - Moon Crazy
Harry Nilsson - Everybody's Talkin
Acen - Trip II the Moon
Television - Marquee Moon
Nicola Conte - Wanin Moon
Mimi Goese and Ben Neill - Endure
Orville Peck - Summertime
David Bowie - Rock n Roll Suicide

Monday, 23 September 2019

Notes from le Manse - a psych-o-delic sampler

...the RUMOURS are TRUE! it's OUT NOW! on rfsOriginals! Notes from le Manse...more than 23 years in the making, this psych-o-delic sampler is overflowing with exclusive remixes, brand new artistes and some old faves from the vaults, its a cornucopia of aural deelights, from CleckHuddersFax's very own R&B legends Stash Crow, thru the Kernow psych years and some latter period st*rfucker, with a liberal sprinkling of darkwave and witch-house too, you lucky people..

Friday, 13 September 2019

from radio SNAFU to SKIDOO

...dbparker presents...
...an eclectic mix of exclusive remixes and mashups, and a sense of humor is essential...
..finally available in a downloadable format, these are the final, mashed up fruits (jamms) of hard labour in the salt mines of radio SNAFU and beyond ...
...i never meant to be a DJ, but the station was struggling to fill some air time with it's Non Stop Hits auto-dj dominated line-up and it's 80s/90s white stiletto and handbag bias so i joined with Courtney Blush and Ayako Yamoto to make thursday nights at least palatable. Before long though, Courtney was axed, and I managed 13 shows before i left, following Ayako's exit. The next 10 shows were purely mixcloud affairs, and all 23 shows are archived here - www.mixcloud.com/dbparker/

....featuring Deborah Harry - Grandmaster Flash - Freddie Mercury - David Bowie - the Dixie Cups - Sia - Rupa - Scott Walker - Mick Ronson - Trent Reznor - Led Zeppelin - Gramatik - Brian Eno - Tony Visconti - Up, Bustle and Out - John Cooper Clarke - Jamie Foxx - Battles - George Carlin - Jedi Knights - Monty Python - Julian Cope - Simple Kid - Alien Sex Fiend - LEEVIL - Nirvana - Lorde - Funkadelic - Babylon Broken - Lady Gaga - Simone de Beauvoir - Death in Vegas - Willy Mason - Coldcut - Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Freddie Mercury - David Bowie - Lady Gaga - Chaka Khan - Benny Benassi - Jimi Hendrix - Journey - Public Image Limited - Kurt Cobain - Barry Manilow - Dave Grohl - Philip Larkin - Sia - Jean Pierre Mirouze - ECP vs CJC - Willy Mason - Ragland Parks - Ossam Ramzy and Phil Thornton - Yello - Katy Perry - Nicola Cruz - LEEVIL - Beyonce - Liv Radigue - NIN - Serge Gainsbourg and the Singles - Hebie Hancock - the Turtles - DJ Shadow - Jon Bon Jovi - David Bowie - TRANSⒶGENDA - Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra - Childish Gambino - the Ronettes... 


Friday, 26 July 2019

dbparker presents 23Skidoo

...replacing 23 paranoid guesses with 46 and 2 facts, tonites show features brand new Brooke Candy and Flaming Lips and some vintage Jive Five, with uplifts from 2 Reverends and a Pastor, and some final words from a poetic replicant, full of the usual eclectic selection of exclusive remixes and mashups and a sense of humor is sponsored by the fnord corps...

the Stranglers - Peaches (demo)
Dub Pistols - Peaches
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Gotta Be Me
Brooke Candy - XXXTC (feat Charli XCX and Malibu Mitch)
Elita - Introverted
the Flaming Lips - How Many Times
Julianne Regan and Tim Bricheno - Pale Blue Earth
Tool - 46 and 2
23 Skidoo - Catch 23
23 Skidoo - Fuck You GI
Benny Benassi vs Hendrix vs Journey - Dont Stop Purple Hazin
Whitesnake vs Eddie Kendricks - Still of the Boogie
Jimi Hendrix vs the Doors - Joe Rides on the Storm
Jan Doyle Band - Ode to the Living Dead
Lee Hazlewood and Ann Margret - Its a Nice World to Visit
the Jive Five - What Time is It?
(LIVE section)
the Clash - Know Your Rights (live at Brixton)
MGMT - Brian Eno
Velvet Underground - Venus in Furs
the Damned - 13th Floor Vendetta
Death in Vegas - 23 Lies (live in Brixton)
the Reverends A T Jazz and Jessie Jackson and Pastor Dewey Smith - Sermon @ le Manse
st*rfucker - end titles (tribute to bandit) (Live @ le Manse)
David Byrne and St Vincent - Road to Nowhere
Dj Shadow - midnite prayer (feat Jon Bongiovi) (live in Oxford)


Thursday, 18 July 2019

dbparker presents Pagan Poetry

...celebrating a cluster of cancerious birthdays, dbparker presents a plethora of pagan poetries, featuring Sigue Sigue Sputnik and other proto insurrectionary neo futuristics, brand new Idles and Ethereal, a secret guest Starman and a horde of rfsOriginals, as well as the usual eclectic selection of exclusive remixes and mashups and a sense of humor is a priori...

Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Idles - Never Fight a Man with a Perm
Crass - Rival Tribal Rebel Revel 
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Atari Baby (soft remix)
Suicide - Dream Baby Dream
Primal Scream - the Lord is my Shotgun
SSS vs Mutant Gen X - Alien Christ (the Martini-Martian mixer)
Jan Doyle Band - Waiting
Sparks - Dick Around
Toyah interlude
Ezra Furman - I Wanna be Your Girlfriend
Bjork vs Ariana Grande - God is Pagan
Nirvana vs PIL - Flowers of Rape (romance my waif)
Stevie Wonder vs the Clash - Uptight (dunproofin)
SSS vs Freddie Mercury - Pressure Missile
Childish Gambino vs Daft Punk - R E D B O N E
Bjork - Pagan Poetry (Matthew Herbert Handshake mix) 
MC Pitman - Girls
Llewyn Davis - Please Mr Kennedy
TRANSⒶGENDA vs David Bowie - Starmavens
In Zero - TEO trailer mix
the Ascension plan - Gold as the Sun
cSc - Newborn
Ethereal - a Place Called Home
the Quagaars - the Murderer
the Fonkees - i Want Freedom
the Screens - Tell Julie to Go
Bjork - Pagan Poetry
the Ascension plan - Hello World