Monday, 7 January 2019

Rave Your Roots - cjclegg

One off rave/classics set performed live on CFXR net radio 27/03/2010.

This set rocks, as per the people around the world that listened to it live...... Hence why it is here.....



Sunday, 23 December 2018

Bastards Orphans & Freaks - st*rfucker

...emerging from a series of smoky jam sessions, st*rfuckers latest controversial full length opus takes us on a journey thru half a century of influences and holy grails, via mashups and showdowns, reverential tributes and a couple of pure bred freaks...

1 - White Rabbit (vs Jefferson Airplane)
2 - Smells Like... (vs Nirvana)
3 - I Feel Love (Moroder)
4 - Same as it Ever Was (vs Talking Heads)
5 - Keeping it Weird (Washed Out/Pelligro)
6 - Gonna Get Ya (vs Blondie)
7 - Oh Well (vs Fleetwood Mac)
8 - Black Hole Sun (vs Soundgarden)
9 - Life's What You Make It (Talk Talk)
10 - Love Will Tear Us Apart (vs Joy Division)
...and, as an extra special xmass treat to all you little st*rfuckers out there,
11 - Simply Wonderful (vs Paul McCartney)

released December 21, 2018

...made almost entirely within the electronic environs of Fruity Loops 10, also utilising a Microkorg Sl+ for it's Vocoder facilities...


Tuesday, 8 May 2018

ECPelligro - Screaming!

...what if birds aren't singing, theyr'e screaming? and other ecological questions raised by enrique che pelligros first mix from the new rfs studios @ le manse featuring readings by Basil Rathbone from Edgar Allan Poe...

another green world - brian eno
boogieman - childish gambino
flash light - parliament
strobe light - little dragon
become the one - goldfrapp
fortress - queens of the stone age
mass production - iggy pop
masseduction - st vincent
robot's return - moodyman
bird of beauty - stevie wonder
what if birds aren't singing? - aldous harding
the signs pt IV - david axelrod
transitions - beastie boys
your loft my acid - death in vegas
tvc15 - david bowie
hustlin' - soopasoul
curtain call - the damned
goodnight ladies - lou reed


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

DJ Burty (Twolegs) - Now Serving

DJ Twolegs is BACK!
Now Serving quatily beats from his Friday trick-bag, 
turn it up and turn it loose...

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Take it EZ, with Radio Free PZ's the Sound of Summer here at da filter, so let the light in and take it EZ. We got EXCLUSIVE tracks ahead of their soulstice releases from TRUTHETA and MEGGATRON, and we got EXCLUSIVE REMIXES of RADIOHEAD, DEATH IN VEGAS, FUTURE ISLANDS, PRIMAL SCREAM and MORE, as well as an EPIC MASHUP featuring our hosts, Scott Walker and Sufjan Stevens...

Scott Walker - 30th Century Man
Sufjan Stevens - Death with Dignity
Radiohead - Present Tense
Death in Vegas - Mind Control
Underworld - Two Months Off
Primal Scream - Where the Light Gets In
Altan Urag - Blue Mongolia
Jean-Michel Jarre - Suns Have Gone (feat Moby)
Public Image Ltd - Flowers of Romance
Future Islands - Back in the Long Grass
Sufjan Stevens - Now That I'm Older
Trutheta - Golden Chemical
MEGGATRON - Meggatopia
Sufjan Stevens - Impossible Soul
featuring Scott Walker - SDSS14 + 13B (Zercon, a Flagpole Sitter)
Primal Scream - Private Wars

...lovingly overproduced, mixed and mashed by enrique che pelligro, you're welcome...