Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sheppard's Funky Skank

...roll up that Budd 'n' stuff that Popcorn, with a feeling - it's Sheppard on the decks, back with more of that double-dipped funky skank sound from vinylopia...

...Side 1
Get James Carter-Brown - Roy Budd/Last Poets
Popcorn with a Feeling - James Brown
Grits & Gravy - the Fame Gang
Bad Luck - Hank Carbo
I Don't Dig No Phony pts 1&2 - Moody Scott
No Answer - Ikebe Shakedown
Love Jah - Cedric 'Im' Brooks
Mushroom - Johnny Osbourne
Acid Rock - the Funkees
Crumbs from the Table - the Young Disciples & Co
You're Starting Too Fast - Johnny Pate
Tighten Up - the Bamboos
If It's Good To Ya (It's Good For Ya) - Eddie Bo
Sinners Where are You Going to Hide - Justin Hinds
Get Up Edina - Desmond Dekker
Shame and Scandal - the Wailers
Machine Shop - Don Drummond
Speakin' of Spokes - the Lovin' Spoonful
Funky Chicken - the Dynamic Concepts
Oily - Juggy
I'm a Carpenter - David Robinson
Turn Your Children Loose - the Fame Gang
Mother Popcorn - Dillard Crome & the Soul Rollers
Chant to Mother Earth - BLO

Side A
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown
Solar Level - Johnny Almond Music Machine
Liberation Conversation - Marlena Shaw
You Got It All - the Blenders Ltd
Immigrants Song - Wekner Krupski
Popcorn Willy - King Curtis
Sakatumbe - the African Brothers
the Lama - Jah Lloyd
Stop That Train - Keith & Tex
Problems - Desmond Dekker
the Whip - Ethiopians
Cissy Strut 'n' American Woman - the Willard Posey Reunion
I Don't Understand It - Ice Water Slim & the Fourth Floor
Dap Walk - Ernie & the Topnotes Inc
Rap It Together - Detroit Sex Machines
Pegasus - Mike Vickers
Pepsi - Mohawks
Rose - 50ft Hose
La Da Da - Dynamic Concept
Tighten Up - the Untouchables
Don't Call Me Daddy - Derrik Morgan
Girlstown Ska - Skatalites
Hurry To Me - Roy Budd


Thursday, 23 September 2010

DjTwolegs - I Like Cats

I like cats by Burts (Twolegs)
...Italian old school house mix for my mate John, cause he likes old school italian tunes aswell as cats, and eating spiders...

Monday, 13 September 2010

JDK LIVE - Grass Roots

...join us LIVE down andy's sh'been in the holy headland of the original pirate bay for the dancin'est dubbin'est pirate radio/tv show this side of the law featuring footage from Ron Mann's Grass and the reggae road movie Roots Time...

Friday, 3 September 2010

Dub Kweli - Max Tannone

Dub Kweli by Max Tannone

Dub Kweli is a remix project by Max Tannone. It features the lyrics of Talib Kweli and the music of classic dub and reggae! It is the follow-up to Max's "Mos Dub" remix project. Check out the official site www.dubkweli.com

Release date: Aug 29, 2010