Friday, 27 June 2008

Skanka's Choice no1...

...this one's all mojo no filter, and has been getting lotsa airtime here at the rfs lounge, presented by bob marley, it's enrique's rfs mix version of the skank-n- i's busking setlist, soon to be out on the streets near YOU. Until then, listen and love...

junior murvin - police & thieves
willie nelson & toots hibbert - worried man
toots and the maytals - pressure drop
the selector - out on the streets
the techniques - love is not a gamble
ken parker - true, true, true
desmond dekker - too much too soon
the versatiles - teardrops fallin'
desmond dekker - problems
the slickers - johnny too bad
george dekker - time hard
the selector - time hard
the clash - (white man) in hammersmith palais
bob marley and the wailers - dreamland/maga dog
toots and the maytals - little flea
bob marley and the wailers - what's new pussycat/dreamland/selassie is the chapel

Friday, 20 June 2008


...NIBSTOCK, 3 weeks of peace, love and psych-o-delia continues here at the rfs lounge with a psych-o-panacopic cornucopia to be taken binaurally, if symptoms of sanity persist, repeat ad astra...
...produced under sheppard's wing by enrique che pelligro with guest speaker hunter s.thompson this heady brew is brought to you by the letter p and the number 3...

...list of ingredients...

50 foot hose - fantasy
gong - thought for naught/a p.m.p.'s advice/magic mother invocation/master builder
silver apples - the program
hawkwind - masters of the universe
deerhoof - spiral golden town
united states of america - garden of earthly delights
gong - and you tried so hard
brigitte fontaine - brigitte
50 foot hose - rose
gorky's zygotic mynci - pen gwag glas
hawklords - automotion/25 years
deerhoof - kidz are so small
carol batton - bee-ing
gong - you can't kill me
gillian evans - hedfan
hawkwind - psych-o-delic warlords(disappear in smoke)
deerhoof - choco flight

...another QUATILY product...

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Go fer yer FUNK!

...this one's a rare gem from the darkest recesses of ken's korner...
we found this psych-o-delic slab of rare groove and super soul begging for release into june's gin-soaked psych-o-delic summer of love trips festival...
ripped straight off of a well rinsed mixtape with scant information, we ran it by shazam, and hey presto, found it to be Nuggets of Funk vols1&2, an out of print classic loved by david holmes and anyone who comes within a mile of it...
found vol1 on vinyl on ebay, soon to be wending it's way to the rfs lounge, but vol2 is a little more elusive...
...unless you're here with radio free st*rfucker where we give you BOTH vols 1&2, mixed and mashed by our very own enrique che pelligro,with guest speaker George Clinton gettin' down wid it! go on punk, go fer yer FUNK!

...stay tuned for tracklist, no flippin'...

...HERE IT IS!!! I've had the thing (vol1, vinyl) in my sweaty palms now... there's scant information... it's a gold diggers production, number GDP1, and it's a little bundle of joy, anyway, enough of my yakking, here's the full tracklisting for vol1 and a partial (shazam provided) tracklisting for vol2...

jean jacques perry - e.v.a.
johnny almond's music machine - solar level
the mohawks - beat me 'till i'm blue
george semper - get out of my life woman
ted summer quartet - rock out in soul
bonus nugget
fifty foot hose - rose
the silhouettes - fonky first
certain lions and tigers - el soul condor
the gentle rain - lonely jelly
ronnie foster - mystic brew
bonus nugget
outlaw blues band - deep gully
ray bryant - up above the rock
bbc allstars and the mambo devils - solar heat
lee morgan - untitled boogaloo
charley antolini - scratches
bonus nugget
100% pure poison - windy c
tom scott - today
lafayette afro rock band - hihache
fatback band - fat backin'


Friday, 6 June 2008

Freak Freak Y'all, Yer don't Stop...

...get on the bus, we're going furthur on a psychodelic dance trip freakshow carnival ride fresh off the turntables of ol' leroy twolegs, produced for radio free st*rfucker by enrique che pelligro with guest speakers ken kesey, jerry garcia, neal cassady and mo' merry pranksters, can YOU pass the acid test? this one comes with the labels ripped off, no tracklisting available, are YOU on the BUS?!?...

...another QUATILY product...