Friday, 26 September 2008


...mungo came running into the rfsLounge t'other day, all xcited 'bout new series of HEROES, 'e put this punky garage noize on da 'filter's BIG speakers 'n left, talkin' 'bout savin' t'world, savin' t'beach 'n savin' 'imsen...
...sounds like another mungo flashback to me, anyway 'ere 'tis...

dead kennedys - government flu
the clash - know your rights
the dickies - eve of destruction
x-ray spex - art-i-ficial
new york dolls - babylon
the clash - london calling
iggy and the stooges - search and destroy
mc5 - kick out the jams
the damned - lookin' at you
stiff little fingers - johnny was
the clash - armagideon time
tappa zukie - crass reality dub (rfs)
crass - bata motel
public image ltd - flowers of romance
dead kennedys - we've got a bigger problem now
x-ray spex - the day the world turned day-glo
dead kennedys - moon over marin

...another SHODDY mix...
...another QUATILY product...

Thursday, 18 September 2008


...from deeep in the vaults here at the rfsLounge, we present a live session from the midnite funk association, a wilfully eclectic mixtape mashup affair produced by enrique che pelligro for rfs

mfa - pledge
nas vs the doors - it ain't hard to tell
jay-z vs hendrix - 99 problems
stevie wonder - positivity
dizzy gillespie - shake that booty
the players association - ride the groove
funkadelic - get off your ass and jam
dj yoda - jamie oliver skit
the dead 60s - too much tv (dub)
the strokes - vision of division
freelance hellraiser - stroke of genius
rfs - preacherman
beck - broken drum
buddy rich - the beat goes on
gil-scott heron - niggas are scared of revolution
coldcut vs nine inch nails - only me (rfsMash)
audio bullys - rock til i'm rollin'
coldcut - everything is under control (rfsMix)
tom waits and allen ginsberg - america
negativland - christianity is stupid

...another QUATILY product...

this one goes out to greyberrymist

Thursday, 11 September 2008

'erbus maximus... the first in an occasional series here on rfsMOJOfilter, (and in honour of visiting dignitaries), pyro romanus presents a fairly unbalanced Reasoning on the Prose and Cons of the 'erb, let's roll...


collie budz - come around
uplifter - marijuana
mighty diamonds - pass the cutchie
frankie paul - pass it over/tu sheng peng
devon blacks - babylon a come
gregory isaacs - rumours
lutan fyah - ganja outlaw
chezidek - a di weed
john holt & sizzla - police in helicopter
chuck fenda - more marijuana
top cat - love me ses
ritchie spice - breathe(remix)/ marijuana on the corner/ marijuana(remix)
marlon asher - ganja farmer
luciano - legalise it
tony curtis - high grade
fire torch - true herbalist
capleton - high grade


...another QUATILY product...

Sunday, 7 September 2008


...inspired by the big chill, ol' leroy twolegs offers this funky medicine for your soul, no labels, no filler, no problem...
... take it easy, but TAKE it, as woody would say...

...another QUATILY product...

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Bob Dylan presents...between the WARS

...HE'S DONE IT AGAIN! after the massive success of Bob Dylan presents from Jamaica, and, after much cajoling, the Carpmeister has done it again! this time it's a selection of tunes from the twenties and thirties, filtered from His theme-time radio show, produced by enrique for rfs...

are you bound for heaven or hell - rev jim gates
pennsylvania 6-5000 - glenn miller
my blue eyed jane - jimmie rogers
matzoh balls - slim gaillard
skeletons in the closet - nat gonella
write myself a letter - fats waller
i love the college girls - harry reser
them there eyes - billie holliday
papa's on the housetop - leroy carr & scrapper blackwell
lose your blues and laugh at life - jimmie revard
hobo, you can't ride this train - louis armstrong
roll in my sweet baby's arms - the monroe brothers
my daddy - the sons of the pioneers
sally let your bangs hang down - bill carlisle
brother can you spare a dime - bing crosby
the man who wrote home sweet home - charlie poole
a new salty dog - allen brothers
mr ghost comes to town - zeke manners
when the swallows come back to capistrano - ink spots
when it's sleepy time down south - louis armstrong

...anotherQUATILY product...