Thursday, 17 April 2008

national DEMAND THE FOOTAGE day 2008

well, it started with an irate email i received from djtwolegs asking what is we to do with this 'ere climate of surveillance we are silently sliding towards (clean version)? dom joly also this week brought it (cctv) out in the open with a risible and informative look at the system which has watchers watching footage of watchers watching us, and watchers watching the watchers all the way back up to... fook knows, it's watchers all the way! furthur discussions on the matter led us here at the rfs lounge to believe there is a certain law in effect that allows us the people to demand our footage back... mmm... what if, we, as a people, on a specific day organised in advance, demanded all our footage to be released?
NATIONAL DEMAND THE FOOTAGE DAY that's what i'm thinking, to be run like adbusters "mental detox week "(over for this year, how did you handle it?) and "buy nothing day". also, what about playing a game of CITIZEN SMITH, a simple game involving between 1 and 1,000,001 players of any age, all you need is a paper cut out of big brother's face as a mask and a local cctv camera. then all players have to do is, at the appointed time, put on their masks and stare at the cctv camera and laugh at the watchers watching monitors full of watchers watching back!?! it's a riot!!! anyway, if you got any good mojo , don't be a stranger, pass it on and don't forget to take it easy... but TAKE IT!
peace and love brothers and sisters
the very reverend a t jazz

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