Monday, 26 May 2008

Nevermind the BALKANS...

...this one's from DEEP in the vaults of ken's korner here at the rfs lounge, this was HUGE hit on the rfs airwaves in the valley and on the steppes a coupla years back, and NOW, EXCLUSIVELY available HERE at RFSMOJOFILTER...'s the best of good ol' gypsy music trawled from the net and beyond by sheppard and enrique, taking it down home and up tempo... it's all dance music to us...

tracklist(incomplete, country of origin replaces artist where applicable)

transylvania - oas dance
serbia - juta
serbia - kopacka
bulgarian women's choir - pilentze pe
serbia - leskovacka cetvorka
bulgaria - kriva sadovsko horo
macedonia - tesko kavadorsko
arti barsamian, armenia - seeroon aghchig
? - nestinarsko horo
spero spyros and his anatolian ensemble - tamsara
? - pajdushkata
nikola parov and friends - pavno makedonsko
bulgarian - sandansko horo spassov
egide kimo, turkey - zirid
novo selo - baba durdija
macedonia - ranila moma
macedonia - indijski chochek
? - yaylalar
voix bulgares - ovdoviala lissitchkata
? - m bufchansko

...for more balkan music and many of the dance steps goto
...with all this MOJO, we are soiling ourselves...

torrent available HERE

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