Friday, 20 June 2008


...NIBSTOCK, 3 weeks of peace, love and psych-o-delia continues here at the rfs lounge with a psych-o-panacopic cornucopia to be taken binaurally, if symptoms of sanity persist, repeat ad astra...
...produced under sheppard's wing by enrique che pelligro with guest speaker hunter s.thompson this heady brew is brought to you by the letter p and the number 3...

...list of ingredients...

50 foot hose - fantasy
gong - thought for naught/a p.m.p.'s advice/magic mother invocation/master builder
silver apples - the program
hawkwind - masters of the universe
deerhoof - spiral golden town
united states of america - garden of earthly delights
gong - and you tried so hard
brigitte fontaine - brigitte
50 foot hose - rose
gorky's zygotic mynci - pen gwag glas
hawklords - automotion/25 years
deerhoof - kidz are so small
carol batton - bee-ing
gong - you can't kill me
gillian evans - hedfan
hawkwind - psych-o-delic warlords(disappear in smoke)
deerhoof - choco flight

...another QUATILY product...

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