Friday, 17 October 2008


...presents International Net Works Mix, this a special featuring sound of the sounds we been sent by our friends on the net. Norma - Give thanks to be part. -
Plato Vibes - Noahs world.
Ashtech - Sun shines on you.
Avatar- Medicene Buddah Dub -
Formula - Time and place -
Pama International-Throw away society
Jah Roots - System A Dread -
First Light Orchestra-Before it too late
Grimy Styles - Smokin on deck. -
Preecha Chango meets Ras Bruno - As we trod along -
Mdv- Beautifull Day
Zealot and Luton Fyre - Asscension

It features Akimbo and Kev Synchromystic on vocals. With Whistle from Ocean Man, Percussion from Ras Rebeun Bongo I, and vibes from Mr T. + special guest apperance from Metra.
Mix by Mark Revolution.

This show dedicated with Love and Respect to all the artists who sent us music. We have enjoyed and been inspired by it all, thank you.

...enrique sends his love and unity to RevolutionDubRadio, especially the guy in the golowan shirt...

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