Friday, 13 February 2009


...after ENFORCED SUSPECT BREAKDOWN HIATUS, normal service resumes with a fixed version of this p3 joint production between rfsMojofilter and MojoTV, mungo shoddy proudly presents Copyright Criminals vs Bastard Pop Genius, presented by nate harrison with a whole gaggle of little pop bastards in a fairly unbalanced Reasoning on the Prose n Cons of the illicit mash-up freemarket produced by enrique for rfs...

...j'accuse (crimeless victims)...
Lenlow (neal hefti vs beatles vs surfaris)
Party Ben (john williams vs chemical brothers)
Loo and Placido (queens of the stone age vs missy elliott vs tweet)
Leebuzz (rage against the machine vs blackstreet)
Wax Audio (metalliva vs stevie wonder)
DJ Morgoth (gorillaz vs motorhead)
Instamatic (neon neon vs depeche mode vs latour)
Miss Cyberpink (cameo vs depeche mode)
DJ Bootox (cameo vs das bo)
DJ Moule (datarock vs james brown vs beatles)
Divide and Kreate (justice vs the clash vs soulwax)
DJ Moule (deep purple vs daft punk vs jackson 5 vs beastie boys)
DJ Lobsterdust (scorpions vs ludacris vs warrant vs winger)
Barrio Katz (sharon jones and the dap king vs deichkind)
DJ Poly (white stripes vs eurythmics)
DJ Fac (white stripes vs backstreet boys)
DJ Zebra (white stripes vs led zeppelin)
ToTom (feist vs nine inch nails)

...nate harrison's art installation/documentary on the amen break and it's place in history is showing over on MojoTV...
...all these bastard pop copyleft crimes and more are available at MASH UP YER BOOTZ, and all the unbastardised virgin material is available everywhere, mash it up!..

...another SHODDY mix...

...another QUATILY product...

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