Sunday, 1 March 2009

Reds, Whites and Blues...

...hey man, we got WHITE STRIPE FEVER here on rfsMojofilter, with the latest offering from the CarpMeister, it's a non-stop ride thru the wilfully eclectic world of the white stripes vinyl collection, every track has been lovingly covered by jack n meg, compiled and annotated by the carpmeister and produced for rfs by enrique...

1.T.V. Eye - The Stooges - Performed Live 2004
2.Conquest - Patti Page - recorded for album Icky Thump
3.I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself - Tommy Hunt - recorded for Elephant - Jack White: "The recording we did of that is the best recording of a cover song we've ever done. It's really just a blues song in its purest form."
4.One More Cup Of Coffee - Bob Dylan - Covered on 1st Album
5.Grinnin' In Your Face - Son House - Played Live 2002 - Jack White: "I heard Son House singing [Grinning In Your Face] and it was as if someone, with a single blow of the axe, had opened up the world to me. After that, my life received meaning. I can lie in bed in the middle of the night and feel an ice-cold wind flowing through my body, which makes me start to shake uncontrollably. Then I have to get up and hear Charley Patton or Robert Johnson. The American South should be regarded as holy land by everyone. Everything which is worth anything comes from there."
6.Party Of Special Things To Do - Captain Beefheart - released on a single - Jack White: "I've heard the song from [the movie Blue Collar], yeah. For the single we did China Pig from Trout Mask Replica as an acoustic blues song, and on Ashtray Heart and Party of Special Things To Do we used different recording techniques, going straight into the board, with fuzz guitar and bass. That was the first time we've ever done that. When a song feels like it needs something, I just wanna have it there."
7.Rated X - Loretta Lynn - Recorded for B SIde of Hotel Yorba - Loretta Lynn: "My management called me and told me, and then they said, 'Did you not know that they have "Rated X" out also?' So somebody brought me the CD, and you know what? Jack done that song just like me. I was shocked! I said, 'He must be some Loretta Lynn fan to have recorded "Rated X."' He did a great job, just a great job."
8.Stop Breakin' Down Blues - Robert Johnson - Recorded for 1st Album - Jack White: "With Stop Breaking Down. You know, I'd heard 'Exile on Main Street' before but didn't own it and so had actually never heard the Rolling Stones version of Stop (laughs) until after our LP came out." "The reason we originally recorded [Stop Breaking Down] was because we were going to put it on the B-side of a single with The Big Three Killed My Baby, make it a whole anti-automotive 45. Then when we recorded it, it came out so good we figured we'd better put it on the album."
9.300 Pounds Of Joy - Howlin' Wolf - Performed Live 2003
10.For The Love Of Ivy - Gun Club - Performed Live 2002
11.My Little Red Book - Love - Performed Live 1998
12.Your Southern Can Is Mine - Blind Willie McTell - Closing Track On De Stijl Album.
13.Jolene - Dolly Parton - Released as a single - Jack White: "With Jolene by Dolly Parton, we've always loved country music. We wanted to do a country single with Dolly on one side and Loretta [Lynn] on the other. I first heard Dolly Parton a couple years ago, and couldn't believe what a good thing she had going at one point. Then I found out later that other bands had already covered that song. When I heard it - I heard that it was Dolly Parton's first single and I thought that was ah - big - ah - I don't want to say ballsy - just a courageous song for her to release as her first song - its in a minor key it kind of has this evil overtone - it comes back to me liking Loretta Lynn so much with that finger pointing at men kinda song - just layin it down the line for someone like that your really hurting my feelings - pretty interesting
14.Diddy Wah Diddy - Bo Diddley - Performed Live 1999/2004
15.After Hours - Velvet Underground - Performed live 2000 - Jack White: "Oh she's kind of shy about it - on New Years Eve when we played she sang for the first time we did 'after hours' by the Velvet Underground - that's the song that Mo Tucker sings - and she sang that and it was just great - the crowd really liked it and she was real nervous - it was great though"
16.Jack The Ripper - Screaming Lord Sutch - Performed Live
17.Boogie Chillin - John Lee Hooker - Perfomed Live 2001
18.Small Faces - Public Nuisance - Performed Live 2003 - Jack White: "That's relatively new... from 1968 or so! It's a band called Public Nuisance, from Los Angeles. They dressed completely in black and on record they sound like a mix between the Pretty Things and early Kinks. Excellent songs. One of the songs we must do a cover of is called 'Small Faces.'"
19.Death Letter Blues - Son House - Performed on the album De Stijl
20.Baby Please Dont Go - Muddy Waters - Performed Live 2003
21.Tennessee Border - Hank Williams - Recorded For ITUNES download for album Icky Thump
22.Everyday - Buddy Holly - Performed live 2003
23.Lord Send Me An Angel - Blind Willie McTell - Released as 7" - Jack White: "Yeah, it's hard for me to sing like that, about how great I am. One line goes, 'All these Georgia women won't let Willie McTell rest', and I change it to, 'All these Detroit women won't let Mr. Jack White rest.' To me, it's a joke, 'cos everybody who knows me knows that women don't like me that much! But I was toying with the idea that girls are attracted to cockiness, and bad, bad qualities in men. So I feel comfortable with that song, because it's true. Lying is the artistic way of telling the truth. I'm lying, saying, Look at me, look at this, I'm just telling you the truth - in reverse."
24.Farmer John - The Searchers - Played Live 2002
25.Carol - Chuck Berry - Performed live 2001
26.Baby Blue - Gene Vincent - Performed For John Peel - John Peel: "So we were talking about one of the great concerts of my life, when I saw Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent play at the Liverpool Empire, four days before Eddie Cochran was killed in a car crash. When the White Stripes played that night, they ended their set with an Eddie Cochran song and a Gene Vincent song. And I thought, what a nice thing to do, but also incredibly cool. A British band couldn't do that -- they don't have that kind of flexibility."
27.Look Me Over Closely - Marlene Dietrich - B Side of Lets Shake Hands 7" - Jack White: "Even on our 1st EP we did our Marlene Dietrich song Look Me Over Closely on the B-side of 'Let's Shake Hands.' I had just bought the LP on a lark and loved that song. A cool '30s Broadway type thing. After that came out, I realized someone on Sympathy had already covered it."


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