Friday, 5 June 2009

Sonic Youth vs Dinosaur Jr

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Sonic Youth, who ended their 18-year partnership with Geffen Records last year to join New York indie label Matador, seem to be taking advantage of their new label's notoriously hands-off attitude: "[It has] heavy ass weirdo hooks," guitarist/vocalist Thurston Moore told of the group's yet-to-be titled 16th album, expected to drop this summer.

"We're super inspired to make a fresh start. We're glad to be dealing with a label that loves songs," Moore said of Matador. However, the rocker confirmed "we're still Sonic Youth -- I still don't know how to play the guitar."


If “Beyond” was Dinosaur Jr’s return to form, “Farm” is proof that this band continues to deliver rock worth cranking to 11. At times wholly 70’s guitar-epic, at other times perfect for sitting by a babbling brook with Joni and Neil, “Farm” encompasses Dinosaur Jr.’s signature palette - soaring and distorted guitar, unshakable hooks, honey-rich melodies, with songs that get into your head and, bouncing around happily, stay there.

The ear-catching “Plans” is nearly 7 minutes of classic whipped-topping rock dessert, whilst “I Don’t Wanna Go There” is a meat-and-potatoes main dish, mixing unapologetic lead guitar with straight-ahead delivery a la James Gang or Humble Pie. These two tunes round out twelve tracks propelled by the unique energy of one of America’s greatest living rock bands hitting their stride.


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