Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Fleetwood Mix

Fleetwood Mix mashup album by mutantpop

...Finally I present to you ‘Fleetwood Mix’ – 5 tracks selected from the 8-track Fleetwood Mac mashup album with tracks by DJ BC (current Bootie Top 10 Exclusive!), Celebrity Murder Party, LeeDM101, DJ FOX, RIAA, 10000 Spoons and myself, remixing the hits new and old in the 30+ year career of Fleetwood Mac. Musically the mashups and remixes range from glam rock, rap, house, dubstep, children’s records and ambient!

I thought this would never see the day, so it’s good to finally have it for you – you can download the full 8 tracks FREE here

Released by: mutantpop

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