Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Amy Winehouse - the SKA e.p.

download HERE
"the ska ep"
1. Monkey Man
2. Hey Little Rich Girl
3. You're Wondering Now
4. Cupid

...here's what SKA geek J J Loy has to say on SKA BLAH BLAH -

"Earlier this year, I followed a link to an underdeveloped MySpace page that boasted some Specials covers by the retro-licous, Amy Winehouse. These not-so-impressive tracks were obviously demos and weren’t worth repeated listenings- let alone an official release. That’s why I wasn’t in too big of a hurry to check out what’s been described as her Ska EP, when I read about it here and here.

Man, was I wrong. Winehouse’s versions of Monkey Man, Hey Little Rich Girl, You’re Wondering Now and Cupid are clean and polished- spic and span. Cupid is done as an upbeat Reggae tune while the others are arranged a lot like the Specials’ versions, but Winhouse’s vocal flourishes save the tracks from feeling unnecesarry."

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