Sunday, 13 July 2008

the CATERPILLAR issue1 DUB version

...yet another EXCLUSIVE here on rfsMOJOfilter, in honour of DUBSTOCK here's the DUB version of the CATERPILLARpillarpillarpillar...

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The Caterpillar said...

Hi! To discover many more issues of 'The Caterpillar' & 'The Caterpillar Dub', please visit our website:
The Caterpillar is a Visionary Ghetto Tabloid, distributed by The Invertebrate Press. Dub Journalism - an antidote to the mainstream press. Also check out Ye Caterpillar Dub Visionary on the tube:
'Who are YOU?' said The Caterpillar 'pillar 'pillar 'pillar