Monday, 7 July 2008

revolutionary DUB radio...'s DUBSTOCK here at the rfs lounge, and in honour of ALL tings DUB, we're featuring a podcast from REVOLUTIONARY DUB RADIO ina dubstep stylee...

Track list incomplete, will update soon.
Keep on fire - Hi Tone meets Improvisators
Dally- Hijack
White label- RSD
One love - Pinch featuring Rudi Lee
Rainy Dayz - Kromestar
Takeover dub - Lv and Dandilion
? - Kromestar?
Mush - Zomby
Rotten - Skream
? - Rusko
Jahovia - Rusko
Features full Dub Revolution crew.
Gina, Akimbo and Flip flop on the mike.
Mr T. on vibes, Nial on saxophone, Difaed on Melodica,Rich firing off the dub fx and Ras Rebeun bongo I on percussion. Mark on tha mix.

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che said...

Sweet that you feeling the vibes enough to repost our mix. Be nice if you let us know you doing it. If people enjoy this mix there lots more available thru
one love