Thursday, 3 July 2008

Ray Conniff - The Lost DUB Sessions

... back to DUBSTOCK with this lost classic from 1977...

1. Unchained Mischief
2. The Bah, the Dah, and the Ugly
3. Satisfaction in the Morning
4. Out of Your Mind
5. Lyin' to I and I
6. (I Never Promised You) Rizla's Garden
7. El Condor Rasta
8. My Sweet Herb
9. Why is Love Blue?
10. So Long, Dark Destroyer

"Ray Conniff’s reggae phase is rarely mentioned by anyone outside of true Conniff aficionados. Conniff fans can’t figure out why the maestro abandoned his memorable melodies. Dub experts figure him for a lazy colonialist, abusing Jamaican rhythms for the sake of his white-bread harmonies. Everyone else regards it as an uninspired oddity...."

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vanjulio said...

never grow tired of listening to this