Friday, 26 September 2008


...mungo came running into the rfsLounge t'other day, all xcited 'bout new series of HEROES, 'e put this punky garage noize on da 'filter's BIG speakers 'n left, talkin' 'bout savin' t'world, savin' t'beach 'n savin' 'imsen...
...sounds like another mungo flashback to me, anyway 'ere 'tis...

dead kennedys - government flu
the clash - know your rights
the dickies - eve of destruction
x-ray spex - art-i-ficial
new york dolls - babylon
the clash - london calling
iggy and the stooges - search and destroy
mc5 - kick out the jams
the damned - lookin' at you
stiff little fingers - johnny was
the clash - armagideon time
tappa zukie - crass reality dub (rfs)
crass - bata motel
public image ltd - flowers of romance
dead kennedys - we've got a bigger problem now
x-ray spex - the day the world turned day-glo
dead kennedys - moon over marin

...another SHODDY mix...
...another QUATILY product...

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