Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Bob Dylan presents...between the WARS

...HE'S DONE IT AGAIN! after the massive success of Bob Dylan presents from Jamaica, and, after much cajoling, the Carpmeister has done it again! this time it's a selection of tunes from the twenties and thirties, filtered from His theme-time radio show, produced by enrique for rfs...

are you bound for heaven or hell - rev jim gates
pennsylvania 6-5000 - glenn miller
my blue eyed jane - jimmie rogers
matzoh balls - slim gaillard
skeletons in the closet - nat gonella
write myself a letter - fats waller
i love the college girls - harry reser
them there eyes - billie holliday
papa's on the housetop - leroy carr & scrapper blackwell
lose your blues and laugh at life - jimmie revard
hobo, you can't ride this train - louis armstrong
roll in my sweet baby's arms - the monroe brothers
my daddy - the sons of the pioneers
sally let your bangs hang down - bill carlisle
brother can you spare a dime - bing crosby
the man who wrote home sweet home - charlie poole
a new salty dog - allen brothers
mr ghost comes to town - zeke manners
when the swallows come back to capistrano - ink spots
when it's sleepy time down south - louis armstrong

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