Thursday, 11 September 2008

'erbus maximus... the first in an occasional series here on rfsMOJOfilter, (and in honour of visiting dignitaries), pyro romanus presents a fairly unbalanced Reasoning on the Prose and Cons of the 'erb, let's roll...


collie budz - come around
uplifter - marijuana
mighty diamonds - pass the cutchie
frankie paul - pass it over/tu sheng peng
devon blacks - babylon a come
gregory isaacs - rumours
lutan fyah - ganja outlaw
chezidek - a di weed
john holt & sizzla - police in helicopter
chuck fenda - more marijuana
top cat - love me ses
ritchie spice - breathe(remix)/ marijuana on the corner/ marijuana(remix)
marlon asher - ganja farmer
luciano - legalise it
tony curtis - high grade
fire torch - true herbalist
capleton - high grade


...another QUATILY product...

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