Thursday, 18 September 2008


...from deeep in the vaults here at the rfsLounge, we present a live session from the midnite funk association, a wilfully eclectic mixtape mashup affair produced by enrique che pelligro for rfs

mfa - pledge
nas vs the doors - it ain't hard to tell
jay-z vs hendrix - 99 problems
stevie wonder - positivity
dizzy gillespie - shake that booty
the players association - ride the groove
funkadelic - get off your ass and jam
dj yoda - jamie oliver skit
the dead 60s - too much tv (dub)
the strokes - vision of division
freelance hellraiser - stroke of genius
rfs - preacherman
beck - broken drum
buddy rich - the beat goes on
gil-scott heron - niggas are scared of revolution
coldcut vs nine inch nails - only me (rfsMash)
audio bullys - rock til i'm rollin'
coldcut - everything is under control (rfsMix)
tom waits and allen ginsberg - america
negativland - christianity is stupid

...another QUATILY product...

this one goes out to greyberrymist

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